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Seed Starting - What's on the Menu Today

The long wait is over, it's time for some serious seed starting. You might think it's early, but some of the cool flowers I'm starting, like snapdragons, have a rather long day to harvest (110-120 days). This year I'm expanding my cool flower choices so I can, hopefully, have more flowers in the early summer. Some, I am trying for the very first time like bachelor buttons, orlaya, rudbeckia (annuals), statice, and some new varieties of tried and true favorites like snapdragons, calendula, stock, and bells of Ireland.

Let's start with the snaps (one of my all time favorites). This year I'm starting six varieties: Potomac Mix (Johnny's), Apple Blossom (Eden Brothers), Costa Mix (Gardeners Workshop), Tall Deluxe (Baker Creek), Chantilly Mix (Gardeners Workshop), as well as Sunset and Pink Dragon Mixes (Gardeners Workshop).

Yup... Lots of vendors. Some are leftovers from last year, and some are newly purchased this year. I was little disappointed with the amount of each variety form Gardeners Workshop, but for my tiny cut flower farm, it will do--and hey, everyone's gotta make a living. Next year, I am going to try to make one order from one vendor and save on shipping (think of all the extra seeds I can buy!).

I'm trying statice for the first time--I bought Pacific Purple from New Hill Farms (new vendor from Etsy). I also bought some bouquet filler newbies from Etsy Orlaya (filler) and Persian Cress (filler). Calendula from Baker Creek called Orange King which I grew last year and loved. I've added Greenheart Orange as I want to ramp production of calendula--I'm planning on making calendula salve for Christmas gifts this year.

I wasn't going to do stock this year... I don't like committing time and space to once and done annuals, but, I have some seed left over and I will try them in soil blocks. I do plan to cull the singles and just keep the doubles. I'll squeeze them in somewhere. Once they bloom I can pull them and backfill with something else.

Oo... I just heard the mail carrier drive by the house. Maybe, just maybe, my new Lisianthus seeds arrived. Time to get to work! Happy Gardening from the Bumbling Gardener!

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