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LMS Revisited - Lisianthus Update

So my new lisianthus seeds are still somewhere between Mississippi and New Jersey. I'm losing hope that they will ever arrive, while it's frustrating, it's a realtively small inconvenience/disappointment in the midst of a pandemic and major nor'easter. As I see other seed companies posting warnings on their websites that seeds could take up to 30 days to arrive... I'll wait it out another two weeks and hope for the best.

As I said in a previous post, the original lisianthus "seeds" that I purchased from eBay didn't result in anything... or... so I thought. Remember, a few days ago, I thought that I saw a speck of green, but on further investigation I could not locate it again? I called this phenomena LMS (Lisianthus Mirage Syndrome). Today I decided to dump the starter mix, sterilize the seed starting tray, and get it ready, just in case those new MIA seeds arrive.

Before I dumped everything, I took out our lighted 10x magnifying glass and had one last look-- just in case. Look what I found (don't mind the lack of manicure):

One VERY, very, tiny seedling. Who knows if I'll ever get this seedling to flower, but I'm jazzed that I at least got one to germinate! The lesson here--don't give up too soon--and--if you have poor eyesight, invest in a magnifying glass.

The saga continues! Let's see what this tiny seedling can do. I hope you'll join me on this journey. Happy gardening from the Bumbling Gardener.

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