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Paperwhite Bulbs... Harbinger of Spring or Sheep in Wolf's Clothing?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Paperwhite Narcissus--such a lovely delicate flower. Super easy to grow...I literally just stuck them in a small pot and watered. The bulbs were beefy and ready to grow with vigor (thanks Eden Brothers). I waited with baited breath to see the small white flowers emerge... HOORAY... the first harbinger of spring. Look at that photo...they ARE beautiful. Pure. A promise of the coming growing season. A harbinger of spring.

Take a closer look. You lean down taking a deep sniff...expecting to be enveloped by something close to heaven. What? You catch a whiff of something. Oh my. A scent far, from from heaven assails my nose--almost to the point of being offensive. So much so that I have to move the pot from my kitchen to my formal dining room so that I could still admire them--from afar.

This variety of paperwhite is called "Ziva" and while I did fall in love with the flowers, I could not wrap my head (or nose) around the "heady" fragance. This experience has taught me something.--enjoying the fruits of my gardening labor is a multi-sensory experience. I don't just enjoy flowers with my eyes... I enjoy them with my nose too--and in some cases, even with my sense of touch.

So Ziva, while you are beautiful to look at, for me, I can't fall in love with you. I will not be spending the $24.95 plus shipping next year to enjoy your promise of spring. I will, instead, invest my money into my latest obsession--Ranunculus--boy oh boy did I miss the boat this year and not plant any of these beauties. I can assure you they will be part of my fall planning this October. Let's just hope their "delicate" scent is just that... delicate.

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