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Planting the Seed

An idea is like a seed. Sometimes it evolves. Given the right conditions and nourishment it has the potential to germinate and flourish. However, in the absence of care, it goes no where. It sits and sits... all but forgotten. Bumbling Gardner is a seed. It was an idea that was planted on September 6, 2020, but failed to sprout because it didn't get the attention it needed to get started.

On September 6th, after being held prisoner by COVID for months and my discovery of gardening videos on YouTube--who knew there were gardening channels with cult followings? Yes... I confess, I dreamed of picking flowers in Laura's vast and glorious garden and tasting 40 tomato varieties in Jess's raised bed garden while swaping witty anecdotes. Yes friends, I became COVID delusional and convinced myself that I was just one YouTube video away from becoming the next gardening guru <<Insert laugh track here>>. With great conviction, I announced to my family that I was going to start a gardening/lifestyle blog and YouTube channel called the Bumbling Gardener. My first goal would be to acquire 1,000 followers by September 6, 2021. Mind you, I do not know the first thing about blogging, have no clue about creating content for YouTube, nor do I use Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. I've never edited a video, have no clue how to build a website, and the truth is I'm more of a plant collector than a "gardener".

So the idea sat for two months. I am an educator by trade and in the Northeast, September is "Back to School" time. I had no time, nor the energy for anything other than getting school open and welcoming my kids back post pandemic. But this seed, this idea, stayed in the back of my brain, waiting for the right time. While I'm not sure this is the right time, I realized that time was a wasting and I had already lost two months. I only have 10 months to find 1,000 people who have nothing better to do than listen to my ramblings.

I'm what you would call a process gardener. I'm in love with the planning and planting process but then quickly lose interest. I realized part of the problem was that I lacked purpose. I rarely cut flowers for the vase, and, other than a sad tomato plant in a grow bag, I was not producing any food in my small suburban yard (I'm on just about 1/4 acre). So, let the journey begin. I've sowed my seed, and I'm ready to tend. The first step was to set-up this website. My next step will be learning video editing and producing my first video for YouTube. I have tons of projects lined up for the next 10 months. I hope you'll join me as I learn the fundamentals of seed starting, building raised beds, estalishing a small cutting garden, growing my first vegetables and making a LOT of rookie mistakes. I will tell you this--our journey will not follow a straight path. I can promise you there will be twists and turns along the way--including some laughs, learning, and life. Welcome to Bumbling Gardener--Flowers. Vegetables. Weeds.

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